Sandwich panel Indonesia what should you know?

Sandwich panel Indonesia, is a product used to clad the walls, ceilings and roofs of buildings. Each panel comprises a core of thermoinsulating material, skinned of both sides with sheet metal.

The types of sandwich panel are generally grouped by the thermoinsulating material used as the core. Sandwich panel with cores of EPS (expanded polystyrene), polyurethane, polyisocyanurate (PIR) and mineral wool are all readily available.

The materials mainly vary in their thermal insulating performance, sound insulating, reaction to fire and weight.

Sandwich panel are most often use for erecting :

  • Clean room
  • Cold storage and freezers
  • Storage facilities
  • Logistics centre and workshop
  • Factory; food, drug
  • Site office and mess
  • Container and prefab building
  • Laboratory and Hospital

Why use sandwich panel anyway?

Sandwich panel are widely acclaimed due to a number of benefits. The main advatages of using sandwich panel are :

  1. SPEED – sandwich panel are ready to fast and cheap installation
  2. HEAT – excelent thermal insulation
  3. RELIABILITY – transfer external loads (suction / wind pressure) on the supporting structure – s system of light house

How much do sandwich panel cost?

The cost of purchase depends on the overall product thickness and its thermoinsulating core material. A budget option is the use of EPS core sandwich panel; however, for better long term permformance and cost effectiveness, panels with superior thermal conductivity coefficient are a better choice such as PIR core sandwich panel.

Sandwich Panel EPS

Sandwich panel with EPS core are intended for applications on various kinds of building: clean room, site office, etc.

  • Core EPS
  • Thickness 50, 75, 100, 150, 200
  • Contact type hidden or visible joint - standard
  • Fire resistance NRO classification

Sandwich Panel PU

Sandwich panel PU were designed to fulfill several function. The most important are resistance to atmospheric factors, thermoinsulation, aesthetics, durability, functionality and versatility.

  • Core PU
  • Thickness 50, 75, 100, 150, 200
  • Contact type hidden or visible joint - standard

Sandwich Panel PIR

The main advantage of sandwich panel with a core PIR is the integration of the core and facings as well as very good thermal insulation.

  • Core PIR
  • Thickness 50, 75, 100, 150, 200
  • Contact type hidden or visible joint - standard

Sandwich Panel Door

A full range of door options : manual or electric operated are readily available. We also offer made to order doors according to your specification and request.

  • Core EPS, PU, PIR
  • Thickness 50, 75, 100
  • Type single swing, double swing, manual sliding, automatic sliding, hermatic
  • Accessories high quality handle, cylinder, lockcase, hinges, door closer, viewing

Why Sandwich Panel Contractor?

Delivery on time

Every minute you are missing materials is a minute that your project is being delayed. For general contractors on a project, on demand materials delivery ensures that no time is lost to waiting for materials.

Professional​ Services

Supplies a full range of construction planning, scheduling and control. Our dedicated team will provide a quality sandwich panel product and installation. Thats what has made us the best sandwich panel contractor in Indonesia.

Guaranteed After Sales

Sandwich panel contractor always adhere for the principle of customer first service. After sales service is one of our major commitments.

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